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The Truth Lies Here...

...Behind My Tears.

13 January 1985
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I'm Maria.
You can't handle me.

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♥ I have a strange obsession with Jack the Ripper; I love reading & watching anything bloody & scary.
♥ Tinker Bell & Cheshire Cat are my favorite "cartoon" characters.
♥ Dane Cook is absolutely gorgeous! What's better than a sexy man who makes you laugh? He's the funniest comedien out there, I swear. Download some of his stuff & I promise you won't be disappointed.
♥ Jenna Jameson is fucking gorgeous. She's the reason for my bi-curious-ness.
♥ I love all sorts of music, from all over the world. I think everyone needs to listen to HIM, & if you get the chance, go see them in concert, way better than the cds.
♥ I can eat a whole package of raspberries by myself.
♥ I love board games. Scattegories, Yahtzee, Pay Day, whatever, I love it. Except for Monopoly - I don't have the patience for that one. =)
♥ I own about 25 pairs of flip flops.
♥ I currently work at a headstart/daycare center in town, & while most days I enjoy my job, other days I hate it. It's always nice to give the little rugrats back at the end of the day.
♥ I think sex is a beautiful thing, if I could I'd have it everywhere, all the time. Im no whore though, very committed with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years.
♥ Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favorite movie.
♥ I love Italian food, although Im very picky with what I put in my mouth (haha).
♥ My life is full of tragedy, yet I try to walk around with a smile.
♥ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is my new musical obsession [besides HIM of course].
♥ Twix candy bars own. End of story.
♥ I keep my emotions hidden & bottled up.
♥ I currently live with my sister & her boyfriend, their two kids, Aron & Hannah & my brother. Quite the household.
♥ I HATE cottonballs.
♥ My new favorite show is Nip/Tuck.
♥ Jigsaw puzzles release a lot of stress for me.
♥ I have enough underwear to last me about a year, without wearing a pair twice.
♥ At such a young age, I've experienced more than some 70 year olds have.
♥ I tend to bite my nails/lip/inside of my cheek when I'm feeling any negative emotion, sad, depressed, angry, frustrated. When something's bothering me, that's a sure sign.
♥ Feel free to message me sometime! .. FroggerFraggle
Yahoo IM: LtAngel_2003
MSN: LtAngel@hotmail.com

♥ Im very open about anything, so seriously, any questions, dont be afraid to blurt them out, you'll get an honest answer. kthxbye. ♥